Services and Products

The surface of tools and mechanical components is the most important interface between form and function of the part. Only a good tool surface can provide relieability, efficiency and required quality of the manufacturing process.

We like to offer a bundle of surface technology services to provide wear protection and functionalization (e.g. friction reduction, anti-adhesive properties) opportunities to your tool surfaces. Beside these we have a couple of methods for coatings, materials and failure analysis that you might been interested in.

Reduce your cost for repair and setup downtime, increase output and quality by use of high performance surfaces!


Deposition of  thin (approx. 1 to 10µm coating thickness) hard materials (hardnesses of approx. 1000 to 5000 Vickers)

typical applications: cutting tools, forming tools (sheet metal and massive forming), injection molding components, sliding planes


Deposition Welding of thick (approx. 1 to 10mm thickness) carbide materials (hardnesses of approx. 1000 bis 2500 Vickers)

typical applications: paper cutting, construction and mining, recycling, cutting of frozen goods


Plasma-Nitriding and -Carbonitriding


Heat Treatment: inert gas or oil quenching, inert gas tempering


Material Analysis

extract of methods: several surface hardness testings, roughness testing, coating thickness testings, surface elemental depth concentration profiling, optical and electron microscopes, (micro) EDX, tensile strength tester